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Qt/Windows Open Source Edition

salem | 2005-08-12 02:38

I don't know my Control Panel from a whole in the ground. But give me an /etc/init.d and now you are talking!
Don't make the same mistakes I made! Here are simple instructions for getting Qt/Windows Open Source Edition running on your Windows box.

My first thought was to downlaod Visual C++ Toolkit 2003. It is free and VC++ is widely accepted as the "best" compiler for Windows. However, it is not really supported by Trolltech. They really want you to use a non-comercial compiler. In fact, they only make it easy for you to use MinGW. But they actually make it really easy to use MinGW.

So... the first thing is to download the software.
If you don't already have MinGW, you will want to download the file named "qt-win-opensource-desktop-4.0.0-mingw.exe" from here. Do NOT get the .zip file. It is sooooo much easier to use thier installer. It will work if you already have MinGW installed and it will prompt you to install MinGW if you do not already have it.
When the installer completes it says everything is honkey dory and you are good to go. Nope... not quite.

First, if you just installed MinGW you will need to update your environment variable path.
Goto: Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables
Add C:\MinGW\bin (or wherever you installed it) to your PATH variable (environment vars give me a warm fuzzy :)).
Now you should be good to go to compile Qt. I know, I know... the installer said you were done and showed you demo's etc. But you still have to compile the Qt libraries if you want to make your own software.

Start Menu->Qt by Trolltech v4.0.0->Qt 4.0.0 (Build Debug Libraries)

Note: I actually cannot get my debug builds to work. libQt3Supportd.a seems corrupt :( error message is:

C:\Qt\4.0.0\lib\libQt3Supportd.a: File not recognized: File format not recognized

If anyone has a workarround for this let me know.

Also note that you can build Qt with the following commands:

cd c:
cd \Qt\4.0.0

Type y to accept the license.
This should build all the make files.
Next we build Qt:


Heh... that felt just like Linux :)

Now... on to your own software. If you are doing cross platform dev, then I advise using qmake. It is simple, was built to handle the quirks of the moc (Qt's Meta Object Compiler), and one .pro file will work for all your platforms.

Now you are off! Build us something great!



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