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salem | 2008-09-19 00:49

Only one change in this version:
- fixed a bug where entering file offsets greater than 0xffffffff would result in changing the cursor to the wrong offset (it would wrap back to the beginning of the file).

salem | 2008-09-11 01:57

I have just uploaded a new version of lfhex. You can grab it from the download link.

- The binary comparison mode (-c command line option) is re-enabled (Thanks Roy Damman!)
- Fixed a bug if -NDEBUG is used (Thanks Guenther Brunthaler!)

salem | 2006-11-05 04:31

It took me a little while longer to get some of the mundane issues sorted out (like changing from QPL to GPL to apease Qt 4.x licensing restrictions). But here it is!

salem | 2005-11-18 02:00

Trouble getting your QPushButtons to be the size you really want? read on...

salem | 2005-11-11 02:37

I just posted a new version of Tonality. Only minor bug fixes and enhancements were added.

salem | 2005-10-04 01:19

Most modern table widgets are displayed with alternating colors to help visually distinguish between rows.
Qt 4 makes this stoopid simple for you by providing QTableWidget::setAlternatingColors(). However in Qt 3.x you have to roll your own. Read on for discussion and sample implementation.

salem | 2005-10-03 03:26

I just uploaded a new version of kccmp. It supports building against Qt 3.x or Qt 4.x. Qt 4.x build also requires libboost_regex.
The default build is configured to be Qt 3.x.

salem | 2005-10-01 02:40

differences pane:

variables found in only one config file pane:

salem | 2005-10-01 02:03

kccmp - kernel configuration comparison

kccmp is a simple tool for comparing two linux kernel ".config" files.

Here is a link describing my motivation.

It has the following features:

  1. Displays the configuration variables with different values in a table form.
  2. Displays the configuration variables and values which are found in only one of the compared files.
salem | 2005-09-28 02:22

I just uploaded lfhex-
This is a fix of a fix for a build issue :(
In I broke the configure script for users who do not have libqt-mt.a/.so on their systems. fixes this.

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